Campagnolo bottom bracket help

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I'm sure I'm going to sound a bit stupid asking this but need a little help. I have a Planet X SL pro frame and will be purchasing a Campag ultra torque chainset. But unfortunately I'm a little unsure as what bottom bracket I need. I presume it's 68mm, if anyone could link me to the correct one that would be ideal.



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    UT cups. ... atid_4.jsp
    All good shops should have them in stock. I think I do as well but you should find them everywhere.
    You will need an externall BB tool and a rachet. You simply torque then up to 40NM or do them hand tight whie using loctite I forget which compound but its in the campag instrustions. The bearings are pressed onto the axle half shafts and held by c-clips. So simply push the axle half shafts intot he cups and secure with the crank bolt. Bearing removal and installtion does require some special tools though. That's one for the LBS if they have them. -wheel building and other stuff.
  • Thank you very much