Swapping fsa crankset for 105 hollowtech 10 spd - Grease?

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Hello all, I will shortly be embarking on a refresh of my felt.

The most daunting bit will be swapping out the existing crankset and moreso the bottom bracket.

Any tips for me?

Pretty sure I have the relevant tools, ie crankpuller, bb tools for both types I believe.
I do need to figure out how to use them though, so will be trawling the internet for video guides.

One thing that has occurred to me, is how I should be greasing up the bottom bracket.
I have some 'velo grease' which has been fine for pedals etc, and i suspect was bought from wiggle or crc some years ago.
Will that do the trick do you reckon?
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    Shimano HT2 - put copper slip on the BB threads and tighten into frame. Smear crank with a little chain lube and slide it in (may need a tap or two to get it through). Then attach the non-drive side crank arm, flip down the plastic lock thing and secure the pinch bolts. Then do up the centre cap.

    Removal of the old one is simply a reverse of the above.
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