Cube Peloton 2013 versus Defy 2 2013-Which to buy?

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As the heading suggests I have narrowed my choice of bikes down to two. The Cube Peloton or the Giant Defy 2. I can get either for £700 at my local Bike shop. Any advice would be appreciated.


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    orite mate i wad looking at those two bikes a few weeks back. Like i was advised which ever one feels right for you when your on it. there both good bikes i personally preferred the cube as i felt it better value for money eith the componemts on it. also if you shop around youl find the cube cheaper than 700. hope this helps.
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    The Defy has better gears with Tiagra setup. Cube has next groupset down fitted with Sora. However the Cube has full Sora setup so includes Sora brakes. Like the colour scheme of the Cube but the Defy only comes in one colour which imho is not very good.Cube also comes with Easton bars.
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    Ride both and see which one fits/suits best.
    Yellow is the new Black.
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    Will do. Still would like to hear any feedback from owners of both these bikes. Any regrets etc?
  • I have the 2012 Defy 2 and no regrets at all. Been solid over the 9 months and 3500km I've had it. Looking at the 2013 spec i can't see any real difference other than i don't like the new color scheme - much prefer the black and red it was in when i bought it.

    It's a comfy relaxed geometry which has been comfortable on longer rides up to 100 miles. The 10 speed tiagra has been great, no issues and a good range of low gears for the hills, so ideal for a noob like me. Brakes aren't amazing, but they do the job - I swapped out for some swisstop cartridges/pads fairly early on which made a difference. Also changed the tyres for Conti Gatorskin 25s and the seat for a Charge Spoon as i didn't get on with the standard one.

    I've found it a solid ride and good value for money at that price point. But as has been mentioned earlier, get down to your LBS and see how they feel to ride round the block. Ultimately, go for the one that feels right to you.