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Hi all i am after some new shoes, my problem is were i live there isn't a shop for around 100 miles that sells shimano shoes and these are what I'm after. my problem lies in i can't try them on and I'm not a massive fan of buying shoes on a whim. i am after advice on what size people would recommend in shoes as i no shimano shoes can be dodgy sizes. i no in specialised road shoes i take a size 42 and in normal trainers I'm a 7.5/8. any info would be greatly appreciated.


  • Hi, I posted a similar question last week. Like you my nearest Shimano stockist would have been a 2hour drive.
    After some good advice from the members, ordered a pair of R106 spd SL,s in a 42 I am a small size 8, more like a 7.5 I would say. They've come and fit me like a dream, after I had posted to find out how to work the ratchet buckle!
    Hope this helps.

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    Surprisingly? - in this case Wiggle is your friend.

    I had a similar size concern a year or so back. The advice on here was to buy 2 sizes of shoes then return the one that doesn't fit.

    I am normally a 43 in everyday shoes so i ordered a 44 and 45 from Wiggle as perceived wisdom was that cycling shoes were often a "neat" fit. Both pairs arrived 2 days later. 45 was the right fit so I returned the 44 and my cash was refunded within 7 days. Simples :P
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    I'm a size 8/8.5 and both my Shimano road and mtb shoes are a 43. Tried a few pairs in the shop so I know that's the best fit. 42 sounds about right for you. - Quality Binoculars at a Sensible Price.
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  • I ordered a pair of lakes and a pair of northwaves from wiggle, tried em on for size, kept the waves and sent the lakes back. I was refunded within two days with no fuss. The only thing is that it'll cost you a tenner to send em back. Annoyingly for me I cycle past their depot every morning.