Campag Ergo spare parts?

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Well I've figured out why I've been getting ghost shifting, and that's because there's not enough meat left on the internal ratchet in the shifter (2004 Record) to hold against the mech bouncing around on rough tarmac - the cable is pulling through the shifter instead.

Now I've found a few places that will service the levers for me, but I wanted to have a crack at it myself, and am struggling to find anywhere online in the UK to buy the parts. (plenty of info on how to do it, mind)

Anybody got any good sources?



  • I think there is a supplier somewhere around Welvyn Garden City... No website, but there is the phone number online. Check them out?.. jD Whiskers
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  • Cheers Ugo.

    All sorted now - Tony Butterworths posted on STW that they had the relevant bits in stock and as he's just across town from me, I've just been over to collect them!