Question (sizing) about Scott CR1 Team 2013

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    Hi there,
    I own a Beone road bike (59 cm) which I think is quite big for me. I am 181 cm tall with 83 cm inseam. I am going to sell it, aiming to buy Scott CR1 Team 2013. I mailed a store to ask which is the size that fits me best and their answer was the XL (58 cm). Comparing the geometry of my bike with Scott I find little difference as you can see.
    The numbers reffer to BeOne 59 Scott 58 Scott 56 respectively
    SEATTUBE 590, 580, 560
    TOPTUBE 585, 575, 560
    HEADTUBE 175, 196, 176
    SEATTUBE ANGLE 73, 73.3, 73.5
    HEADTUBE ANGLE 73.5, 73, 73
    WHEELBASE 1000.5, 1001, 992

    Currently, to bring the 59 frame to my needs I changed the original seatpost with one with no offset and switched the stem from 110 to 80 mm. The Scott (58cm) comes with 120 mm stem.
    Don't you think I should go for the 56? I don't want to make the same mistake again.


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      Go 56. I'm 5' 11" (180cm) with a 32" (81cm) inseam and ride all Scott road bikes in a 54. I could ride the 56 with zero offset posts and shorter stems, but the position isn't comfortable and I find the handling twitchy at speed. Remember, you can make a small frame fit, but with a frame that's too large you're SOL.
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    • Thank you grill.
      You've been of much help. Sometimes those situations for the newbies is trial and error till you find what fits best. Even the dealers' opinions are to be double checked.
      Thanks again!
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      No worries. I went through three framesets in my first month as they were all too big. Bike fit is invaluable as well and certainly worth the money.
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