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After clocking a fair few miles with my stock cassette and chain (shimano tiagra), I feel now is the time to upgrade these two components. I don't feel, being the owner of a carbon frame bike, that these components do the bike justice. But just how much, is too much?

On CRC, an Ultegra 10 speed cassette is priced at £44.99 and weighs about 208 grams. On the other hand, the SRAM OG1090 (SRAM Red)10 speed cassette retails at about £119.99, and weighs a mere 155 grams. Other than the difference in weight and in price, what differentiates the more expensive cassette from the cheaper one? Is it smoother? What?


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    I swapped my Ultegra for a Tiagra and am just as fast as before...

    If you really want an Ultegra I have a nearly new 12-25 available for £30. The difference is in the weight and the alloy carrier for the larger sprockets making them slightly stiffer so potentially marginally better shifting under load.

    As for the SRAM, it's light but very dear!! Shifting will be similar. You're basically paying for less weight.
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    And whatever you do never buy a shimano chain. KMC or SRAM chains are much better.
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    Usually you are just paying for a reduction in weight when spending more on cassettes, not better shifting. Unless you plan on going through the entire bike and replacing plenty of bits with 50grams knocked off each of them you're best to stick with a Tiagra or 105 cassette and KMC chain. The cassettes will be identical in performance and durability to Ultegra and DA but are cheaper and in some cases will actually last longer than some other ultralight cassettes that use titanium or alu cogs. KMC DX10SC chain will usually last longer than any Shimano chain and again cheaper and no difference in shifting plus you get the re-usable masterlink included. 50-100 extra grams of cog and chain will not be noticable. IME anyways.
  • If you get Dura Ace you get a nice shiny silver box.