snap link for campag 10sp

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Can anyone reccomend a good snap link for a 10sp campag chain?

Also when replacing my chain cassette combo, I have always bought Campag, which is not exactly cheap, I guess the cassette won't have a cheaper option, but is there a more cost effective chain?



  • majormantra
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    I used a Campag chain and KMC link. The links normally come in packets of 2 and cost around £9 for the pair.

    I wouldn't bother with a third party chain - Campag ones are well made and last a long time.
  • I have used KMC chains on both my summer and winter bikes with no problems. I just keep the snap links when I throw away a worn chain, meaning I have a stock of links for emergency use. I've never broken a KMC chain yet so have a large stock of these links!
  • On_What
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    Got an excellent deal on chains and cassettes from Ribble, snap link I'll get from Condor later

  • KMC. universal 10 sp. chain with split link, campag-sram- shim. superb.
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    Re KMC chains and links on Campag bikes.

    The profile of the KMC 10-speed chains is similar to Shimano/SRAM. So if you buy a KMC chain to fit on a Campag bike, it'll work fine but if you buy extra "missing links" for it, you'll need the standard KMC (shimano/SRAM sized) link.

    KMC also make after-market "missing links" to use on a split 10-speed Campag chain - but these are slightly different in size to the standard ones and are not interchangeable with the standard ones.
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    A KMC chain on a campag drive train works fine but maybe a bit more nosiey. It's difficult to tell. I use Campag chains alot on campag drivetrain just because they make a very good chain. The only other chain I use are KMC ones also a good chain in whatever form. -wheel building and other stuff.