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I am thinking about getting a camera for my journeys. There is the contour roam. Or should I just not bother and get gopro hero2? Or hero3 white
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  • I just got a Contour as it fits nicely on top of the helmet (with the correct mounting strap). With the GoPro mounted on top you look like a Tellitubbie.
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    the hero 3 does not suit helmet cameras, its not too bulky in terms of weight, but in terms of size it'll create a fair bit of drag! its best put on a bike mount, in my opinion! great bit of kit, but the ones to go for ar silver and black. the black is a very nice bit of kit, offset by a very nice price.
  • I've also been looking at a GoPro, but the Hero3 Silver. Have a look on YouTube for cycling videos using a chest strap, that might be an alternative if you don't want to mount it on your bike. One I saw recently gave a good perspective of the road ahead, but also the bars, hoods and hands... it meant you could see gear changes too, if that would be of interest.
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  • The good lady bought me a GoPro Silver for Xmas. Picked up a K-edge bar mount and it's been great fun. My mate is a freelance cameraman and he's going for the Black, but he loves the quality of the Silver. If you don't plan on making pro movies the Silver will do you fine.
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    i need something that can work well in the winter evenings i.e. dark

    does contour work in that sense? I am also not sure about the real time differences between contour and gopro
    Road - Cannondale CAAD 8 - 7.8kg
    Road - Chinese Carbon Diablo - 6.4kg
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    try here

    I got this fiest class and loads of kit too