Garmin GSC10 cadence only alternitive ?

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I have an Edge 500 which I use with a GSC10 on my winter bike on the turbo which gives me speed reading from the rear wheel.

As the Garmin GSC10 appear slightly fragile and especially susceptible to water damage, I'm looking for recommendations for a ANT+ cadence only sensor (speed will be GPS) to work with the Edge 500.

Anyone had any success with pairing and using a 3rd party sensor ?


  • fish156
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    I've a Bontrager candence sensor. Works with my Garmin 500 - as should any ANT+ sensor. (I use it along with a PowerTap to give a more stable cadence measure than that interpolated by the PT itself.)
  • bobones
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    I know what you mean: I have 2 broken GSC10s, but I've had much better luck with the Motorola sensor, which appears to be exactly the same as the Bontrager Interchange speed/cadence sensor. This one can also be easily swapped between bikes because it uses a rubber o-ring affair instead of cable ties to attach to the chain stay. Another option is the Decathon speed/cadence sensor which only costs £16.99. I don't see that there is any advantage going to a cadence only sensor, particularly if you are going to use it indoors. Even outdoors, speed is more accurately measured from the rear wheel.