Anyone rolling on Planet X tyres?

skinnypunter Posts: 144
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Wondered if anyone had tried the PXT Rage tyres ?


  • polarhare
    polarhare Posts: 23
    need new tyres might push the button give them ago
  • Since posting, i bought some of the kevlar jobs.

    Verdict: much more puncture protection than my old Conti Force/Attack, but a harsher ride. No tread on them, but not at all slippery in the wet (I commute c.100 miles a week into London), and they certainly aren't 'slow', although not as fast as much more expensive kit.

    So, v good value for money. Good for commuting/training.
  • Cleat Eastwood
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    Got some the other week - easiest folding tyres to put on. First time Ive been able to roll a tyre on without using levers.
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  • wheelie-bin
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    they came on my bike, pretty impressed with them actually :)
  • polarhare
    polarhare Posts: 23
    got mine yesterday fitted and been for a spin, yeah not bad. for £20 impressive would do it. there never gonna be as good as a £60 tyre, but differnt league tho, but there a very good budget tyre. ive used Continental Ultra GatorSkin, Continental Ultra sport, Michelin Pro3, Vittoria Rubino (utter crap imho, but £7.99 lol)