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Vermarc UK - Bad Experience

bucksbucks Posts: 91
edited January 2013 in Road buying advice
Hi there, just thought I would post a word of warning in case anyone reading here is looking to use Vermac Uk.

Had some pretty bad experiences with them at the moment,

Ordered some new bibs, got the confirmation everything like that.
Received an email a few days later to say they were out of stock, and i would be given a refund.. ok no worries.

15 days later, I am still awaiting my refund, and get no response to my emails from Vermac, or their UK representative that emailed me to say the item was out of stock.

A little extended period of waiting I suppose is acceptable due to the xmas period, but this is becoming a joke now.

Best to avoid in my opinion.



  • bucksbucks Posts: 91
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Annoying but I'd put it down to Xmas holidays.
  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,878
    excellent feedback, thanks for the heads up, always best to name and shame, warns others on here
  • I've never had anything needing refunded from them so can't comment on that, but I've always had excellent customer service from them. Have you tried sending a tweet to them? Companies always seem to respond quickly to problems tweeted as it's in the public domain.
  • bucksbucks Posts: 91
    Just had a response this morning from them.
    Looks like they forgot to process it before they went on holiday over Xmas. Mistakes happen I can't say i'm 100% perfect at my job day in day out.

    Very apologetic, refunded immediately and offered me a free cap and socks on a future order, should there be one.
  • YIManYIMan Posts: 576
    You might consider retitling the thread if you's a pretty bad headline at the moment for what has turned out to be decent customer service......
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