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I am looking for a carbon seat post to upgrade the alloy one that came with my Specialized Roubaix and loose a bit of weight and add some comfort.

I have seen this one on Wiggle, which although not fully carbon looks great value for money and gets some good reviews:

Or there seem to be some good deals on ebay....but I don't know what I am looking for ! Don't want to end up with a mountain bike one ! ... 19d7fd56be

I don't really want to spend more than £50 and realize that this is only going to give me something entry level, but I only ride at weekends and a few Sportives. Any advise welcome please.


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    TBH there is nothing wrong with an alloy post. The reason that there are good and bad carbon posts for comfort is due to the lay up of the carbon. CFRP is much stiffer than ally, but also has much much better damping of high frequency vibrations. If the carbon is laied up in a +-45 deg pattern than you can end up with a 'springy' seat post - think of a Chinese finger trap that can extend and contract, and this in turn allows the damping of CFRP to come into play.

    If alternatively it is laid up in a 0-90 deg fashion or a UD up and down the post then you have an increadably stiff fiber running in the loaded direction and the compression and deflections in the post end up with it feeling like an ally post as there is no point having 'damping' if there is no movement to damp.

    The 45/45 layup is more of a PITA to layup compared to a UD, hence they are normally more costly. So be careful what you buy. I wouldn't waste your time on a wrapped post - its purely cosmetic, likewise if your going to spend 'proper' money on a good one then you will feel a good improvement in comfort. I did the same as you and swapped my std Allez post for a Specalized carbon post and it was night and day difference.
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    Thanks for your very comprehensive reply. Is the Wiggle one a waste of money do you think ?
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    andyboyce wrote:
    Thanks for your very comprehensive reply. Is the Wiggle one a waste of money do you think ?

    It seems to get good reviews, so if if fits your budget and is within the weight band that you want, go for it.
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