Roubaix Comp or Felt Z5, what would you get?

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..after 2 and a years on the venerable Orbea Aqua, its time for a move on £1,700 to spend on a new bike and see there's still a few 2012 Specialized Roubaix Comps in my size kicking around.
The other one I fancy is the 2013 Felt Z5..... so all else being equal which would you go for?

The Roubaix is tempting...mostly Ultegra, great pedigree and about £800 off list price and seems very similiar to the 2013 model, while the Felt is mostly new for 2013, seems a stunning, future-proof frame with good enough components (105) and reasonable wheels, (though it seems to come with a 32 rear cog, which seems excessive, even for this old git?)

btw, others I've tried and discounted are Giant Defy (can't get comfy), Orbea Onix (poor value) and Trek Domane (that undefinable "didn't like it"!)

cheers folks!


  • Calpol
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    I would say Roubaix. Very highly rated bike, good kit, comfortable and will stand new wheels if you felt you needed them in the future. Spesh warranty is 10 years I think so reassurance there. The only negative i can think of about the Roubaix (and this is purely subjective) is the head tube on the large frame sizes begins to look out of proportion. What colourway is the Roubaix?
  • ..cheers, Calpol....both bikes are black, which is what I prefer - matches my teeth.
  • Calpol
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    Nice - black looks great and with Ultegra then I think thats a great deal.