Carbon or Ally Frame?!

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Need some quick advise! I've bought a 2012 Focus Cayo 2.0 online but i've now been told they're out of stock so i need to choose another bike.

I don't know whether to save some pennies and go for a 2013 Focus Culebro SL 2.0 with ally frame & fork, Ultegra gearset for £1,000 or the Focus 2013 Cayo Evo 5.0 with carbon frame & fork and Ultegra gearset for £1,550? I can get 20% off because of the mess up with my previous order.

The toss up really is 1. Do I need a carbon frame & 2. Is it worth the extra £440?

Please help!!!


  • YIMan
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    Ride both and decide which one you like the best.
  • GavH
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    It's not about whether you need a carbon frame, but whether you want one. And let's be honest, you DO want one! :D