Assos jersey size, help please..

fuzzbear Posts: 112
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Hi, anyone know how Assos jerseys come up, fit wise? Unsure if I'd require a 'L' or 'M'..
My other jerseys which are mostly Santini are large. I'm average to slim build, 5' 10" & about 11st 7lb .

Cheers for any help.


  • calmx5
    calmx5 Posts: 230
    I'm slightly taller (5'11"), and slightly lighter (11st) than you and I take a medium in the UNO jersey. The Mille jersey tends also to be a looser fit.

    Hope this helps
  • nochekmate
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    Assos jackets and jerseys tend to come up small in my experience - I often order a size up. Medium build 6ft+ & 12st 4 usually wear Assos XL.
  • fuzzbear
    fuzzbear Posts: 112
    Thanks guys. I think I'd need a 'L' as I'm carrying a bit of extra timber. I didn't realize the different style jerseys had a different fit! The one I'm looking at is a Equipe (I think).