Rear mech reindexing after cassette change????

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I have bought a brand new Ridley Orion which comes with the not so good 4ZA wheels. I am looking to change them to my Mavic Kysrium's from my other steed, but wish to put the brand new 105 cassette onto the Mavics.

My question is, will the rear mech nead adjusting again now I have changed the wheel, but not the cassette? I am useless at indexing gears & aways end up taking it to the LBS as it ends up worse than whn I frst started so I hope not!!!


  • pastey_boy
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    both your gears and brakes may need re-adjusting if changing wheels, even though wheels adhere to the same standards, they can differ slightly although having said that you may not need to touch the gears at all but the brakes will need sorting almost definitely.
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