New Cables (Gore RideOn) - Internal Routing

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My current road bike (BeOne Diablro Race with ultegra groupset) is experiencing poor shifting which I think is being caused by friction in the existing gear cables, having done just over 2100 miles and most rides have involved rain at some point (thanks UK weather) probably hasn't helped. The bike is always cleaned and dried after a wet ride though.

Anyway, I had planned to use Gore Ride-On Low Friction Sealed cables to replace the standard fit Shimano cables and outers that the bike came with, but I have a couple of questions as I've never changed bike cables before but would like to try myself rather than get LBS to do it.

The gear cables currently have Jagwire inline barrel adjusters (cylinder shaped ones) between where the cables enter the shifter and where they enter the down-tube. They cables are then fed through a plastic sleeve (flared at one end) inside the down tube that emerges the other side of the bottom bracket and the plastic sleeve stops after it has passed through the plastic H shaped clamp near the bottom bracket. As it's a naked cable, I think this plastic sleeve is where the source of the friction is as it looks to have some dirty in it.

I'd like to keep the inline adjusters, if possible with this kit and I think this would mean having the liner start where the cable exits the inline adjuster (or at worst where it enters the frame and then have the liner fully extend through the frame, through the bottom bracket clamp to the bracket type thing on the chainstay. The cable outer would then also be used from this chainstay bracket to the derailleur - and the liner extend slightly through the derailleur barrel-adjuster and covered with a grub washer between this adjuster and cable clamp on the derailleur.

I hope this makes sense, and if I've missed anything obvious - or gotten it hopelessly wrong then let me know.


P.S. I think the barrel adjuster on my derailleur may be threaded hence why I'd prefer to keep the inline barrel adjusters beside the shifters.


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    It would have been better if you had just posted a picture, but anyway, the liner needs to run continuously (ie unbroken) from the shifter to the derailleur.

    I've threaded a spare segment of Gore Ride-On liner through all the inline adjusters that you're likely to encounter:


    The flared end of the liner should sit at the tip of the adjuster, the part that gets pushed into the shifter. The flared part prevents it from getting pulled through the tip when you thread the liner through the frame.

    The liner should be threaded through the BB cable guide as if it was just a standard inner cable wire. Widen the holes for the liner to pass through if necessary.