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So I followed the park tools tub mounting guide. The only issue is I pre-stretched the tyres for about a week on the rims then took them off and left them about 2 weeks. When I went to mount the tyres with the glue I could not get them on and almost broke my thumbs doing so. I now have a smashed up layer of glue on the rim where I took the tyre off when it was wet.

I guess I need to re-stretch the tyre using the back/knee method and try to mount again? do I need to clean the rims now and start the glueing again? Its annoying because they tyres did go on when I put them on to stretch and when I went to glue they would not go on!

Any extra tips would be appreciated because in all the videos they just pop the tyre on the rim and I stand there like a clown trying to put on a tyre that just wont fit.


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    Don't stretch the tubs - it will funk them up - they are meant to be tight as.

    I don't use glue on my tubs, I use Jantex tape - cleaner and easier. Big discussions on here re glue/tape preferences but lets not go into that now.

    To get tubs on with tape they are a bit tight but nothing too bad: bit of thumb power and once you get them started they slip on no worries.

    Personally I'd clean off all the glue, inflate the tubs to c.20psi and whack them on like that. Once they are inflate them to whatever you want and ridd off into the sunset.
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    Think some tubs are stretchier than others - Conti Competitions have a thick cotton base tape which stretches less than others, eg Vittorias ? I suppose you need to be careful stretching them in case you pull the tyre out of shape slightly.
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    I use Conti Sprinters and Tufo Lites (S3? Or did I make that up?) and have no problems at all, but can see the logic in the statement: I'm sure that someboidy will be along shortly to qualify/quantify.
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    Start again but when you first mount the tub at the valve, make sure you really push and pull down on the tub on the initial mounting, otherwise they can be a 'mare.
    I can t comment on tape, never used it but i know several riders who swear by the stuff.

    I would stretch them on a rim again, clean the rims - white spirit, then Acetone, from a Hairdresser supplier - but leave the tubs alone.