Whyte Portobello - Advice Needed Please

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I have had a Whyte Portobello bike, since new, for around 4 months now. Within the first two months I had a total of 5 spokes breaking on the rear wheel, at which point, it was accepted that the rear wheel was most probably faulty. It was replaced under warranty and I have not had any broken spokes since.

However, I have recently noticed a clicking noise coming from the bottom bracket whilst pedalling. I took it into the shop where I bought the bike and the mechanic told me that the bearings were most likely worn. Since the bottom bracket is a sealed unit it will have to be completely replaced. I have been told that the cost of this repair will be somewhere in the region of £40 - £50 pounds (parts and labour). I contested the fact that I should have to pay for this repair since the bike was only 4 months old. The mechaninc asked me how many miles I had covered using the bike. I stated that it was around 800 miles. The mechanic said that 800 miles was enough to wear out the bearings and, since the fault was due to normal wear and tear, it could not be covered under the bike's warranty.

I am not a bike expert but 800 miles does not sound like enough use for something like this to happen. I don't cycle hard and never abuse the bike.

Any advice would be most appreciated.

Thanks :D


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    Clicking / creaking always sounds like it comes from the BB, most times this is not the case.
    Remove / clean / grease these things first,
    seatpost, saddle clamp & rails.
    pedals & cranks
    wheels, skewers & dropouts
    handlebars & stem

    This will cure 99% of noises for no cost :D
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    Just looked at the specs for the 2012 model and it says it has an FSA square taper BB. I'd be quite surprised if you've worn a square taper BB out in 800 miles, but if that does prove to be the source of your creaking I'd suggest you replace it yourself. You can often get some very cheap (£10-15) Shimano square taper BBs on CRC. You'll also need a crank extractor and a BB tool to remove the old one and put the new one in. Should all cost less than your LBS is asking, and you'll have the satisfaction of having done it yourself.