Removing Carbon wheels decor.......

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Hi there,

It's probably been covered before but I'm too lazy to search it. :mrgreen:

Does anyone have any good tips in removing graphic decor on carbon rims without damaging the carbon of course.
The graphics are transfers rather than sticky vinyls.
I have tried scrapping a small part off with a blade & it works but it takes too long & scratches the lacquer which is not ideal.

So any suggestion welcome!

Thanks in advance




  • smidsy
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    Well I could tell you IF I was not so lazy. :-)
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  • Anyone out there with good suggestions.......please!

  • smidsy
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    Use the search!
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    depends on the materials

    try acetone - wear gloves, it's readily absorbed through the skin and is not good for you

    test a small area first to check the lacquer isn't affected
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  • Thanks Sungod!

    I shall follow your recommendation & give it a try.

    Much appreciated!

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    No problem at all - I'm always more than happy to spend the time to help.

    Anything else you need please don't hesitate to drop a mail or post here anytime.

    Have a great evening.

    Kindest regards