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Ritchey Trailmasters

frogstompfrogstomp Posts: 412
edited January 2013 in XC and Enduro
Anyone do the Ritchey Trailmasters event last year or planning on doing it this year? Looks like a good event.. experiences?

What bikes were you riding and how did you find it? Would it be manageable (everything is doable!) on a XC 29er hardtail? I guess it's a trade off between pedalling efficiency (to cover the ground quickly) and comfort..


  • UltUlt Posts: 60
    Did this last year (until I broke my wrist on day 2!) and also did Transwales the year before which was the same format from the same organisers.
    Everyone is obviously moderately fit and used to riding long days, but you will get all shapes and sizes, all kinds of bikes and all sorts of abilities. Your 29er HT will be fine and everything will be rideable.
    There were weather related issues last year but that will is now resolved as they have a dry campsite for this year.
    It is great fun and it is a balance of riding quickly enough to get home within the fairly generous time limits and saving enough energy to set a good time on the timed sections.

    Do it it's great fun.
  • frogstompfrogstomp Posts: 412
    Thanks for that.. looks like fun - hopefully drier this year! 8)
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