KMC Chains from Taiwan?

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Set about ordering my replacement KMC chain on the web when I had a quick look at Ebay and noticed some really cheap prices purchasing from Taiwan from Top Rated Sellers!

Has anyone gone down this route, if so were you pleased with the results EG Genuine part, reasonable delivery?

Many thanks.


  • pastey_boy
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    Can take a few weeks to get here but worth the wait. Never had a shipment not turn up .
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  • Strith
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    I've not bought online, but I used to buy them whem I was out there as they're so cheap. Always been legit from all the shops out there so no reason to think online would be any different.
  • Salsa
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    Bought a KMCX10-SL from a Ebay Taiwan seller before, was in original sealed packaging and as you said way cheaper than a UK supplier, can't remember it taking too long to arrive either.
  • maddog 2
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    +1 I've used bi_king for X10s and the service was good and the chains genuine (at least I couldn't tell...)
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  • Bazzowmb
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    Many thanks guys - i'll be placing an order.