Giant Defy 2 2012 freehub body

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The question is in the title i guess, i've got a Giant Defy 2 2012 and concerned the freehub may be on it's way out.
I can't seem to find out anything about the hub and can only assume a standard shimano 10 speed freehub will fit as a replacement, just thought i'd ask if anyone knew before i splashed out on one?

Sort of separately, but what grease do people use to service hubs on a road bike, it does a LOT of miles, and want it to survive as many more as it can?



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    What is the hub?
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  • There is no such a thing as a Shimano generic freehub, each hub has its matching freehub. If you have adjustment cones maybe you have a Shimano hub (unlikely), otherwise you probably have some kind of Chinese hub which will require its own spare... probably worth stripping, cleaning, oiling and ride it to death.
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    Therin lies the issue, the hub is black.
    I can't see any identifying marks on it, so it's not shimano.

    I'm taking it all apart tonight as it's rumbling, i think i've got water in the bearings when i last washed it, so will see.
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    Take some photos and post them, someone may recognise it.
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    They're just Giant's own brand hub.

    From their website:
    Hubs Giant 32h

    Maybe have a quick read of the thread I started yesterday here and see if you have similar symptoms - I have a 2012 Giant Defy 2 too. Also let me know how you get on fixing your hub as I will be servicing mine tomorrow.

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    Service done, the drive side of the rear hub was waterlogged, bearings rusted.
    Hoping this was from my over zealous washdown after the last ride, only done 12 miles on it since then.

    Cleaned out, the hub is much like a shimano, cup and cone. Regreased the hell out of it, new bearings and back together, it's not butter smooth, but it spins.