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CAAD 10 105..what size??

Sta81Sta81 Posts: 56
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hey about to sell my beloved via nirone (first road bike) and looking at the new CAAD10...for the purpose and the use i do the CAAD seems to be the best buy...carbon is out of the question since i don't want to spend so much money..just want something more racy and my nirone is a 57 size..i changed the stem from a 120mm to 100mm and the bike fits 1.85 with 84/86 inseam..i dont have the chance to try the CAAD since i live in a tiny greek island but i have compared the size charts of both companies and it seems that the 57 in the nirone is a 56 in the CAAD...almost identical measurements. However, in most forums i see that most of the guys at my size ride a 58 in the CAAD...any advice?? thanks a lot and i wish everyone a happy new year!!


  • smidsysmidsy Posts: 5,273
    IME they fit big (as they quote a true, actual tube measurement) so you need to go 1 size smaller than many 'less traditional' frames.

    E.g My CAAD is a 54 and my BAsso is a 56.
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  • ricky1980ricky1980 Posts: 891
    if you compare the distance from centre of bottom bracket to top of seat tube (leg length) and the top tube horizontal distances (from top of seat-tube to centre of headtube - reach) for the two frames then you should be able to work out a frame translation.

    the CAADs have 100mm stem with 6 degree which you can flip up once you get the bike to shorten the reach if you find yourself a bit stretched out...
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  • ricky1980ricky1980 Posts: 891
    i just had a quick look, it looks like you need a 56cm...also get your shoulders measured and get the right width handle bar. too wide bar reduces your reach. so if you get say a smaller width bar than the CAAD10 44cm standard, you have more scope on the bike :)
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    Road - Chinese Carbon Diablo - 6.4kg
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