Reusable chain links for Shimano HG73 9 Speed Chain

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I've ordered a replacement Shimano HG73 9 Speed Chain. It will come with a rivet for closing but I wanted to investigate the options for using a reusable link. This would make it easier to remove the chain and clean & dry it in the warmth of my kitchen.

Can anyone explain the options and how they work?



  • trekvet
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    Just Google 'sram powerlink'. Check out some of the results. Order at least 2 (for 9-speed it is Gold - must be suit the chain). You'll need a chain link remover to remove the joining outer plates from the new chain. Make a 3ins. double ended wire hook from coathanger and hook it into the chain a few links back from each loose end, then fit the Powerlink without having to fight the tension of the chain. Fit a powerlink, carry the others, and away you go. It really is that simple.
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  • sungod
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    as above, or these...

    shorten chain to correct length

    shift front-rear to small-small

    thread through drivetrain, open ends on the underside

    insert link pieces so that pins engage, once on, release and the plates should slide to the locked position, apply some tension to the chain if they need encouragement

    to remove, use same gearing etc., squeeze plates together a bit, slide ends towards each other, then pull apart

    there're a few videos online showing the process if you need to see it done, but it takes a lot longer to describe than to do, once you get a feel for it, just a couple of seconds is plenty
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