Planet X wheels discount code

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The 10% discount code was due to be sent out today. Did anyone receive it?

If so, please can you forward it to me please?

Thank you



  • galatzo
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    Nothing here either.
    Was up there NY eve and they said they've had loads of orders and a few technical issues.
    Call them tomorrow, they're normally pretty good about these things.
    Sure a few people were looking forward to this discount code.
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  • Slimtim
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    Thanks for the info, I will give them a call.
  • Finlaz22
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    Called them but couldn't get through. If anyone gets emailed it or finds it please share :)
  • Just dawned on me that I haven't been gettng these through for a while now. What have I missed and are the codes just valid for that day? I was hoping for a bit off a chainset (as well as some wheels).

  • vanleapo
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    I think they may have been having technical issues with their website of the holiday period.
    I was trying to buy something with the 15% clothing discount a few days ago, but their website wouldn't let me login to complete the purchase. After several attempts I gave up.

    Also, most of the codes emailed out recently have only been valid for one day.
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  • Still got nothing through - has anyone got an update on the wheels code or any others?
  • luv2ride
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    Still nothing here from PX on their wheel deal. I bought a stem in their one day stem and seatpost on Monday, and no sign of that either. Reckon they are monumentally busy at the moment. Hope they honour the wheel deals though assuming they do fix whatever technical issues that they might be having.
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  • unixnerd
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    Do they still do the Model B's? Last time I looked I couldn't find them. - Quality Binoculars at a Sensible Price.
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  • sirmol
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    Any luck with the code? Could do with it lol
  • smidsy
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    unixnerd wrote:
    Do they still do the Model B's? Last time I looked I couldn't find them.

    No, stopped doing them now.
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  • mr_mojo
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    Does anyone know if Planet X will be doing the wheel 10% discount code?
  • Finlaz22
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    Sure hope so... Currently on standby buying a new wheelset from them!
  • mr_mojo
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    Finlaz22 wrote:
    Sure hope so... Currently on standby buying a new wheelset from them!

    Me too :D
  • They have added today a bundle offer of the clincher 60mm wheels with tyres and tubes for £399. I asked directly on their Facebook page if that deal was instead of the 10% code and they said it was. :(

    They also say there would be a tubular option coming soon....
  • mr_mojo
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    I saw your question on Facebook and the Planet X answer :(

    Just ordered a pair of wheels now as probably no point waiting for a discount. It'll be my luck though they will be doing the discount next week!
  • Ordered mine up too without the discount as it was the last set of Ambrossio Excellights at £170 so was worth it anyway.