Shimano Dura ace 7900/9000 spd sl

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What is the actual difference between these two models?


  • Lower weight, quicker shifting and yes an 11 speed cassette.
  • Spd sl are the pedals thanks all the same though
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    You can get a wider axle version of the 9000 which is 4mm wider if q factor is important to you. Otherwise they are very similar. I have both and only got the 9000 to experiment with the wider axle. If you don't need the wider axle then I am not sure there is much of a difference. Having said that the 7900 version was already a very good pedal.

    The biggest change (I think) is in the cleat. The 9000 come with the new blue cleat which has less lateral movement than the yellow cleat and pivots from the front. For me the cleat has worked really well, i much prefer it to the yellow cleat. You can of course buy the blue cleats separately and they work fine with the 7900 pedal.
  • Thanks for the info.
  • Thanks for the info.

    If you expect something new in the pedals world, you'll probably be disappointed... I wonder what is new since the days of Hinault trying out the first Look clip in pedals... :shock:
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