How long should a chainring last

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I'm about to purchase my 3rd set of chainrings in 3 years.

They seem to last about 12months before the grooves between the teeth get seriously worn.

My current set has a bent tooth and is 12 months/3998 miles old.

How often do you have to change your chainrings?

This one is an FSA Road Pro 50t

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  • Bozman
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    Up to 20K if you look after your drive train with good maintenance, plus swap your chain before that stretches and puts adverse wear on your chainrings and cassette.
  • desweller
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    Yonks. 10s of thousands of miles.

    Bent teeth aside, you should be aware that the teeth on new chainrings have different shapes to aid shifting. When they become pointy, uniform and shark-fin shaped then the chainring is worn out.
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  • Hoopdriver
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    Yes, they should last a long, long while. MAny, many thousands of miles. What kind of rings are you using that you go through one every year? And what kind of riding?
  • fast as fupp
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    they last a lot loner if you keep them clean :D
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  • curium
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    I think what I'll do is get a chain wear tool when I fit this new ring and try and stay on top of any issues with the chain with a view to replacing the chain before it starts to damage the rings.

    No idea how that tooth got bent though :?