London Bike Show Jan 2013

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Not been before, are there likely to be bargains to be had or is it just a chance for exhibitors to show off new lines?

I could be after a new frame and forks! :D


  • No bargains... there is very little in the way of selling stuff
    You might be able to get some free samples of energy bars and maybe a cap or two... not sure they add up to the cost of the ticket.
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  • Yes as above really. I went last year and there was a few clothes to buy on one stall and I didget a great pair of nalini bib shorts whcih are ace for £25 but other than that, there was nothing else. Very disapointing. I went to the boat show for about 15 years and you cannot move for stuff for sale and show offers.The only place that was selling stuff seemed to be Madison selling everything at virtually RRP and was quite fun watching everyone pick things up, look the price up on their iphone and then laugh and put it back and leave empty handed. Nobody will pay £50 for something at the show when they can get it delivered for £30.
    If you want to go and halve a look round at a load of bikes its not bad but two hours tops and your done. Saying that im going on the friday whcih is a bit of the reason I booked my few days in the uk to correspond with the time it was on so cant be too bad! but on the whole its got a long way to go before its good. As usual I guess they will charge so much for a pitch it makes people going and selling stuff too expensive. shame. As yoru only in Kent not too far to go. Google for a link to cheap tickets rather than pay on the door too. And car parkings about £15 theiving Bast%rds
  • Hahaha! Yeah, parkings a swizz! I park at the O2 for £10 all day and tube it over to Excel.

    Thanks for all the info.....I was hoping to maybe source a new frame and forks deal....oh well!

    On another matter, youre a lucky so-and-so living in Mallorca....I rode in
    Port de Pollensa last year and we're going back this year. Great bike hire shop at Pro Cycling Pollenca, €25 for all day hire of a lovely Massi full carbon with Dura Ace, plus helmet and a map....lovely roads, lovely weather.....cant wait til August when we're bck again!
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    Yeah thats bruce a mate of mine, if your going back this year he has just renewed his stock of bikes and got loads and i mean LOADS of Ultegra di2 bikes now so you can try one of them now. enjoy. I know its lovely here did 70 miles today jan the 1st in lovely sunny weather, nippy but was ok at 12 degrees and went across all the mountains down to soller and back. enjoy your trip!
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    this one is a bit $hit, shared with the flippin' boat show and outdoor show and whatnot (tsk!), wait until the other (better) one in Octoberish at NEC imo ...
  • Was thinking of going but not sure there's really that much to see. Might be easier and cheaper just to spend 30 mins looking at the new Ridleys and Giants in my LBS.