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DIY build - frame & forks

BigColUKBigColUK Posts: 69
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I have tried to repair/maintain my bike this on several occasions this year but have learned the very expensive lesson that I shouldn't try and do something which I haven't done before on my [rather expensive] pride & joy. The costs to fix the damage caused by my ignorance has far outweighed getting my lbs to do all the work :oops: .

So....I've decided to build my own HT bike from scratch. My intention is to use the how-to guides in mags, YouTube and if necessary, some 1-2-1 sessions with a qualified mechanic. This will hopefully give me a good insight into how different parts of a bike fit together without risking my main steed.

My plan is to add bits to the bike over time (and pay days, birthday, etc) sourced from classified ads, auction sites, etc.

To get me started, I would really welcome some advice on which frame & forks to look out for. I would like to build something a bit different and while I want to keep the cost as low as possible, I would be willing to spend a little more of the frame so that it doesn't limit me later on down the line. I'm looking for a large frame for trail riding, XC, etc so I am hoping that there will be plenty of second hand ones around. Ideally, I would something which doesn't look too dull - I've always liked the "personality" of the bright coloured Santa Cruz frames.

With the forks, I am looking for something with around 120-140mm travel and are not too complicated to strip down and rebuild.

Thanks for any advice you can give.



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