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Tyres , which sort and when to change

boogi11boogi11 Posts: 354
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Hi all, firsly merry christmas and a happy new year.
Ok, my tyres are about 4000 miles old and after a puncture last week my front has a 2mmsplit in the front

So would you recommend changing, and if so what pair of tyres would you recommend,, criteria is, not stupidly priced, my wife is beginning to lose patience with my spending, suitable for winter use for winter and into the summer, and as an added bonus if possible some blue on the tyre would be nice to match the bike.



  • sungodsungod Posts: 16,076
    if the 2mm is just a cut in the rubber and there's no sign of the tyre bulging or the tube sneaking through then it's fine to ride, i've got several much larger cuts in my gp4000s

    front tyres don't wear nearly as fast as rear, so even at 4000 miles it could have plenty of life in it, depends on the tyre

    does the tyre have wear indicators? if not then signs that it's time to change are if the tyre profile has squared off, or the rubber has worn so far that the carcass (the woven bit) is showing, or there's an increase in frequency of punctures

    if you want colour options, the vredestein fortezza tricomp gets good reviews for wet/dry conditions and durability (not tried them myself)

    if you buy two, it works out under 19 quid each from ribble... ... redtyrf250
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  • BigLee1BigLee1 Posts: 449
    If you`re happy with your current tyres buy a new one and pop it on the front with the current front on the rear. a 2mm split is nowt to worry about imo
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