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Thule Proride 591 / Stumpjumper FSR

ew77ew77 Posts: 57
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Hi guys
Looking at purchasing roof bars and a pair of Thule 591 Proride bike carriers for my Mazda 2 sport.

First query: Is the fixing mechanism of the 591 compatible with the Stumpjumper FSR (2010) with a bottle cage fitted and with the cables running on the underside of the downtube?

Second query: Has anyone successfully fitted the proride on a Mazda 2 sport and avoided any issues with the 591 clashing with the roof spoiler when the rear hatch is opened?

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.




  • benpinnickbenpinnick Posts: 4,148
    Couldnt speak for the thule 591, but if you get the basic racks (the ones with the two tubular rails and the A frame style clamp, then you can adjust the positions aft/forwards as much as you like to avoid the boot, and the clamp will go virtually anywhere, and not foul downtube cables. Ive been running 2 base Thule racks for about 10 years on top end bikes without a single issue, across lots of cars. Cant see the point in spending more.
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  • I have the 591 and a fsr xc and they fit no prob the clamp is v shaped so the cables sit in the cutout without being crushed. The one thing I don't have Is a bottle cage but can't see this being a problem? Would just have to be more careful aligning the clamp position when sticking the bike on so it doesn't catch it
  • ew77ew77 Posts: 57
    Thanks for the replies guys. I take it there is some scope for positioning the fixing clamp further up or further down on the down tube then, so that I might be able to avoid the low bottle cage position with the clamping arms?
  • RevellRiderRevellRider Posts: 1,794
    Just one quick thing, Specialized don't recommend clamping bikes in carriers by the downtube. They suggest using wheel mounted ones
  • ew77ew77 Posts: 57
    Just to update this one....

    Bought some Thule wingbars etc for the Mazda 2 sport, plus 2No Thule proride 591's. The Stumpjumper FSR can be fitted ok with bottle cage installed, if a little lower than ideal it still fixes to the carrier fine and feels solid.

    The 591's overhang a bit on the rear, therefore the roof spoiler means the boot can't be opened particularly far.

    I've flipped the mechanism on one of the 591's to use on the 'other' side of the car, though may well try this one on the 'normal' side so the overhang is towards the front of the car (bikes facing backwards) which may well allow for opening the boot better.

    Won't be leaving the bike carriers on in any case so not a huge problem, but will be useful to the be able to use the boot when they are attached.

    Thanks for the replies and input regarding my original post, much appreciated.
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