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Comparing a couple of Carrera bikes

jimipopjimipop Posts: 2
edited December 2012 in Road buying advice
Both of the following bikes are on offer at Halfords for £299 the first one is down from £499 and the second £599

I prefer the look of the TDF but as the Zelos is half price I'd like to make sure I get the best one. Could somebody please tell me why the difference in the original prices?

Thanks in anticipation

Jimi Pop

Carrera TDF Road Bike 2011/2012 - Medium 54cm
Carrera Zelos Limited Edition Road Bike 2012 Medium


  • HawmawHawmaw Posts: 124
    You should also consider this. Gets good reviews.
  • The Zelos is half the inflated Halfords RRP, it is not worth £600. There isn't that much difference in the spec between the two to be honest, although the chainset and the derailleur's are better on the TDF. The Zelos looks better, but the TDF is the better bike and is the one I'd choose.
  • I would go with the Decathlon. My son bought his about 7 years ago and still uses it as a winter bike.
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