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Hi everyone I'm new to the forum. :-)

I am looking at buying my first road bike. I'm not a beginner rider. I have been riding for over a year on a mountain bike which I put slicks on. As you have probably gathered form the subject of my post I am thinking of buying a 2012 Claud Butler Roubaix. Its one I really have my heart set on and is in my price range. personally I think its good value for money considering your getting carbon forks too.
I plan on changing and upgrading some of the parts eventually as well. You may ask why not get more of an expensive bike? Well I just don't have that extra cash floating around and I want to add new parts too it as well so I can get a better understanding of the mechanics.

Any feedback is grateful positive or negative :) for a start I have already weighed up some pro's and Cons I'm getting Sora shifters instead of Tiagra.


  • Nothing against this particular model, but I wish they stopped calling Roubaix frames that have to be ditched after being professionally ridden in that race... Some are not even the PRO choice for Paris-Roubaix
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    Go for a test ride at the nearest bike shop that has stock. Test ride a few others at that sort of price too, and also if you do purchase make sure you get it fitted :)
  • I have the 2009 model of the Claud Butler Roubaix. it has a triple chainset and is Sora throughout. I've done many CTC and Audax rides of up to 300km on it with no problems. I changed the saddle to a Brooks B17 narrow and tyres to Vittoria Rubino. Great bike for the money, it's done everything I wanted with it. I may upgrade the drivetrain but only through wear as the Sora has been good enough. As far as I'm concerned you don't need to spend big to enjoy your cycling.
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