Which hub bearings from where?

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I'm just about to replace the bearings in my wheel hubs, something I've never done before and I'm after your expert opinions please. I have these Novatec hubs which say they use "699" sealed bearings.

Looking at this PDF it looks like 699 is a standard and ZZ, 2RZ, 2RS and 2RW are different designs for the internal seals and flanges. I hope I have this right.

So, which type is best, who is the best manufacturer, should I go with ceramic or steel and where should I buy them from?

Your comments and recommendations gratefully received.


  • Novatec 291?
    I have a few of those bearings knocking about... jus give me your mail address and I will post them to you.
    Remove the caps, using two 5 mm Allen Keys. Then heat the hub with a heat gun on the side you want to remove the bearing, slot in an Allen Key of the size that fits the inner alloy axle... 8 mm? Can't remember. tap the bearing out by malleting the allen Key. One bearing is out, now use a rod or the axle + allen Key to mallet the other bearing out, after heating the hub.
    Hub is still hot, slot in one bearing, put the axle back inside, slot in the second bearing and gently, very gently tap them in place. Screw the caps back in. Job done.
    The 291 shell is very fragile, that's why it is important to heat it and be very gentle with the mallet.
    Ceramic bearings are a waste of money. Unfortunately the 291 has very tiny bearings... very light but not very durable ones
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    Thanks Paolo, that would be fantastic. The tip on heating the hub body is really useful.