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RS Revs RCT3 Dual Position - Rubbish?

mountaincookiemountaincookie Posts: 292
edited December 2012 in MTB buying advice
I've just bought a 2012 Rock Shox Revelation 150mm RCT3 Dual Position air fork off CRC for £400. I was reading review after review and got my little brain fuzzeled with all the RLT this and dual air that and dual position other and eventually thought I'd made a good choice.

However...I now see that the dual POSITION forks have issues....whilst the dual air forks are great. I did want dual position - I'll be doing a fair bit of XC as well as Peak district taming....and wanted the flexibility as only going to have one MTB

Have I made a bad choice - anyone got the dual positions and are happy with them, or shall I send them back as soon as they arrive?


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