mud guards (2012 Giant Defy 4)

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Can you advise a good set of mud guards to fit my new giant road bike please. Any experiences with crud catchers? Their are so many choices out there, hard to know what will fit best.

Many thanks


  • I've got Giants own guards on my Defy 4 and they've been fine (bit rattley). I've also used Crud RoadRacers in the past and I'd say they offer more coverage but feel more flimsy. Also I found they could cause some marks on the frame where the "bosses" are secured so consider some heli-tape underneath
  • Have some on my bike at present & were quite easy to fit/use. Lots out there so check the reviews as some bikes/guards don't always fit perfectly.
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    I use the crud roadracers (mk II).They do give better coverage than the Giant specific mudguards and are easier to fit/remove. I do run 23's though as they are too tight with 25's but I did also have issues with the Giant specific with the tyre size.
  • The Kenda (?) 25s mine came with seemed to fit fine with the Giant guards.

    I've found that Conti GP4000S 25 fit fine at the front but are tight at the rear. Conti GP4Seasons 25s fit fine at the rear so that's the setup I'm running. Michelin Pro Optimum 25s were a no go at the rear
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    The bike will come with Tyres Kenda Kriterium, 700x25mm will the crud catchers fit ok?
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    I couldn't get them to fit properly with 25's. I found the kendas to be a poor tyre and switched to conti gatorskins 23's. If you can afford it the tyres will be your first noticeable upgrade. Conti 4 seasons are a good tyre if you ride year round though check out the tyre threads for other reviews.
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    I have a GiantDefy 4 and use a large clip on type plastic guard for the rear which works great and an old aluminium mudguard for the front. I,ve also recently fitted Schwalbe Marathon Plus 700x25c tyres for best puncture protection. Of course it,s only a commute bike. My good bikes have no guards on them.
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