Another post regarding cassette size!

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Having just purchased a new set of wheels for winter bike in sales I'm on with ordering a new cassette!
Currently using 11-28 on a compact,as I am improving would I be better with 12-27 ?
Would this change require any other alterations to chain etc?
Groupset shimano 105.


  • antooony
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    You won't really notice a great deal of difference so I wouldn't bother. The next step I'd go to is a 12/25 if you find yourself not using anything above the 25 at the back. This will give you a closer ratio between the gears. You'd have to shorten your chain though. Its a personal thing really and depends if you need the higher gearing on the hills.

    Hope that helps a little.
  • Thanks Antoony, that helps a lot!
    I'll continue with 11-28,and probably purchase 12-25 in spring.
  • northpole
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    Going from a 28 to a 25 is quite a big step. As the previous poster mentioned, you need to consider whether having a 27 or 28 ring in reserve would be helpful for climbing. I can't see me moving away from 12-27 any time soon!

    It's quite easy to test. Simply do not permit yourself the use of your largest ring for a few rides, including a hilly route, and see how you get on. That should give you a good idea on whether the benefits of closer ratios or easier pedalling work better for you.

  • paul_mck
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    if you use the 28 then no it wouldnt be a good idea lol.