Surly LHT vs. Koga Randonneur

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I'm currently looking into purchasing a touring/expedition bike capable of daily use for a years long tour across different types of terrain from UK to South East Asia next year. My budget for the bike itself is between £1000.00 to £1500.00,I am however torn between two bikes.

SURLY - Long Haul Trucker
KOGA - Radonneur

My original choice was to purchase the surly LHT frame & forks for around £350 and build the bike up from scratch to my specifications. However my local bike shop have offered a deal on a Koga Radonneur off the shelf model (last stock), ready for use with panniers and bags, free fitting etc for £1500.00 which I think is a blinding good deal.

I am now once again torn between models of bike to choose from. What would everyone else go for in this situation.

Your thoughts and advise would be most welcome.