2013 Specialzed Allex Elite or Defy 2??

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Looking for my first road bike. Narrowed down to these two.

The Defy2 is £100 cheaper, so in my mind a no brainer. Anyone able to say why should go for one or the other?

Is the Specialzed an extra £100 for the name?

Thoughts appreciated


  • Both bikes are good, if you're not bothered go for the Giant but a test ride on both would be the best way to sort it out? Not always easy though. My impression is that Giant offer better value for money but the Allez gets good reviews as well.
  • t4tomo
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    Giant defy frame is up there with the best alloy frames. Whilst you say giant is £100 cheaper - do the specs compare? What group set is on each? Wheels are both in house own brand jobs I think.
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  • Thanks for replies guys. Specs similar. Both have new 2013 Tiagra group set and own brand wheels. Test ride on Defy2 this weekend, so may help the decision along.