Felt F4 Ultegra 2012 vs Cube Agree GTC Race 2013

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OK, so here I am again. I'm looking to buy a road bike in the New Year for triathlons and short/long distance cycle rides.

After a lot of research and advice from fellow Bike Radar peeps, here are the two finalists:

Felt F4 Ultregra 2012
http://www.tweekscycles.com/bikes/road- ... -bike-2012

Cube Agree GTC Race 2013
http://www.tweekscycles.com/bikes/road- ... -bike-2013

They both seem like cracking bikes but as newbie to the road bike scene, I thought it would be best to reach out to you before I commit to buy. So, if you've got a mo, I'd love to hear your thoughts and recommendations on these two bikes and which one you feel is the best out of the two.

Thanks in advance for your help! I very much appreciate it!




  • The Felts seems to have a short head tube for the comparable top tube so that might be something to consider if you are not that flexible or want a more upright position. They do get good reviews though.
  • thanks very much triboy222, that's really helpful! I think my priority is to use this bike for triathlons so a more agressive race stance would be fine in this instance.
  • In that case I'd go for the Felt. Lighter frame and a comfortable ride. I saw one up close at Wiggle and it looked very nice in the flesh.
  • Hey mate,

    Well that's good to know as I've just bought one! It's arriving in the New Year and can't wait to try it out :-)

    Thanks again for your help and advice!
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    How much was the felt was it cheaper than wiggle?