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Lapierre Zesty 2013 Stealth Cable Routing (214, 314, 414)

White NinjaWhite Ninja Posts: 39
edited May 2013 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi folks,

Does anyone have any pointers on how best to route the cable when taking advantage of the hole on the down tube for stealth versions of dropper posts on a 2013 Zesty 214, 314 or 414?
I've recently taken delivery of a 414 and am looking to fit a Rockshox Reverb Stealth.

It doesn't look as though I can use the cable runs along the bottom of the down tube as there are only 3 routes for cables and the front and rear mech and rear brake are using these.
There are various rubber grommets that look like they a for the eI suspension as well but I'm not sure about popping those out without a bit of advice first.
There are also two screws on the underside of the top tube but I think these would only be useful with a non-stealth version of a dropper due to the way the cable would route.

Any pointers would be welcomed!!!




  • For those interested.
    I spoke to my LBS today (who contacted the Lapierre rep) and there will be cable guides available in the next 3-4 weeks that will allow for a 4th cable to be run along the down tube.
    This will allow a Stealth post to utilise the hole in the seat tube and the cable be neatly run up to the cockpit.
    Guide price will be £7-9 per guide.


  • Gfrew88Gfrew88 Posts: 1
    Hi Ben

    I was having the same problem also. Did you manage to get a hold of the new guides? I'm having no luck if so where did you get them? Cheers
  • Yes,

    I got the guides and a Reverb Stealth fitted by my LBS (Grips bikes in Rayleigh Essex).
    They are on facebook if you want to message them. I'm pretty sure they got them from their Lapierre rep/distributor directly.
    I must say how massively impressed I am with the Reverb, I had a Specialized command post before and the Reverb is in a different league for adjustability, action, etc. lets just hope reliability is one word I can add in a years time.


  • Has anybody else been able to get hold of some of these guides or could anybody put a pic of one up please?
    Cheers another Ben.
  • Ash_s3Ash_s3 Posts: 1
    Do you have any pics of it fitted mate?
    Which hole does the stealth cable fit through?
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