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Holts Tyreweld

GamblorGamblor Posts: 84
edited December 2012 in MTB general
What are peoples opinions on this? I've never actually had to use it myself, although I normally carry it with me incase of a puncture. Sods law means I got a puncture yesterday while out and about, but I was literally 2 minutes away from a halfords, so got them to fix it (didn't cost anything as I've got a cycleplan).

I've heard very mixed opinions on it, but what are people views here? If it really is no good, is their any similar product (a canister that I can fill the tyres with to block the puncture hole) that I could use as a get-me-home fix?


  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 15,475
    It's good stuff- for cars. For pushbikes, better to carry a tube (or two if you're nervous, or a wee set of patches) and a pump.

    Vittoria Pit Stop is supposed to be decent for pushbikes if you must have a re-sealer product -smaller can for one thing. But still, just changing the tube makes more sense.
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