Fitting new bearings to Mavic hub without the special tool..

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Anyone got any tips for press-fitting bearings to a rear Mavic Cross Ride hub without the special tool they say you need?

I got the buggers out with the aid of a long screwdriver and hammer, but that isn't going to work the other way around without mashing them to bits.

Any ideas folks?




  • turnerjohn
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    Headset press may work ? or a large vice (if you have one that is ?!)
    could the old large washer, threaded bar and large nut trick aka knock up headset press but smaller.
  • 02gf74
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    I am guessing the bearings are sealed races like what I have on my Roval hubs.

    The tricky part is to get the bearing squarely into the recess. I made a press from a threaded bar and used various sockets, large washers etc to align the bearing, two nuts on the bar to tighten and thus oull the bearing into place.

    a photo of the bits involved.

    the socket is selected so that it presses on outer race - take your time ensuring the outer race is going in square.

    get it wrong and you damage the race, or worse still the hub itself.
  • njee20
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    I'd try and find a washer rather than a socket, so it applies pressure to the whole bearing evenly.
  • Monty Dog
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    You need to concentrate pressure on outer race of bearing, that's why a socket is best
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • 02gf74
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    ^^^ socket for the reason stated - although a flat washer will work as well - the important bit being not to press only on the inner race.
  • njee20
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    And I'd say flat is better than socket. How many bearing presses are hollow like a socket?

    You'll need a good solution for the Controle SLs, I used to do mine every two rides!
  • big_p
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    if you apply any lateral pressure to the inner race you will damage the balls inside the bearing, you should push against the outer race only.

    use a socket.
  • 02gf74
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    njee20 wrote:
    And I'd say flat is better than socket. How many bearing presses are hollow like a socket?

    you are correct - the correctly shaped press is flat against the inner and outer races with a recess that fits into the inner race .... but if one doesn't have such a press, then a socket or washers is the next best thing.

    like this pair:
  • Thanks for all the advice.

    Here's the insanely technical approach I employed in the end, and it worked a treat:

    I used a short length sawn off a broom handle which - luckily - was a couple of mill smaller in diameter than the bearing. Introduced bearing to seat, broom handle bodger on top, whacked it a few times with a hammer and in it went. Lovely.

    Wood to metal also helps minimise the risk of accidental damage, too, I reckon.