Spesh Allez Sport - Campag Veloce Upgrade

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Hi guys,

I recently bought a used Specialized Allez Sport 2012 which is in immaculate condition. It has Shimano Sora all round and DT Axis 1.0 wheels.

Long story short, I have the opportunity to upgrade to a full Campagnolo Veloce 2012 groupset and Fulcrum 7 wheels (Campag fit). I would like to atempt the full strip of the donor bike and rebuild of mine myself, but, will the bottom bracket on the Specialized be compatible with the Veloce groupset and cranks, or should I be looking to swap that over as well? I'll be popping into my lbs afterwards to make sure it is all set up properly and for any tweaks if I can't get it sorted myself.




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    Veloce crankset use a Power torque BB. This is a campagnolo only BB. The DS crankarm actually has the bearing pressed onto the axle and held in place with a circlip. The BDS bearing is the cup. The cups can be installed with a standard external cup tool but the NDS crank arm is secured with a hex bolt needing a 14mm allen key. If you need to remove the cranks special tools are need. Park tools make a set but the best are made by cyclus. To remove the bearing more tools are need and the specific to cmapg power torque. I use Campag veloce my self and it is a wonderful groupset. The cranks have a low Q-factor. If you are noty willing to fork out for all the tools get a shop to instal the BB and cranks and do the rest yourself.
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  • Thanks for that informative post! I think I'll be asking the shop to do the BB then, the rest should be fairly straight forward.

    I'm trying to think of any other problem areas, would the rear derailleur hanger be ok? Otherwise just a case of taking one thing off and replacing it with the Veloce part. Setting up the levers and tape could require assistance too!
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    The rear hanger is universal so won't be a problem. You'll need new gear cables as they're different sizes so I would suggest the opportunity of re-cabling the whole lot (brakes and all) as you'll need to re-wrap the bars as veloce has all cables under the tape (Sora has the gear cables free). So that's new bar tape too :)
  • Thank you. There may be an opportunity to swap the complete donor bar over so all the cables will be intact.
  • Yes, full bar swap for FSA Carbon bars so I'll keep the cables intact. The only problem is its from a Bianchi so it's got the Bianchi Celeste hoods. I'll track down some black ones in the future.

    One more issue I've thought of, the Allez has brazed on front derailleur hanger, yet the Biachi, and therefore the Veloce is clip on. Do I need an adapter of some sort?
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    braze adapters are a few quid. Veloce mechs are available in braze on.

    Veloce groupset is also lighter than an ultegra one, that's how good it is.
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  • Cool, can't wait to get all the bits together and start the build now!
  • Veloce equipped Allez complete, it's a vastly different bike now, lovely! Completed the Rapha/Strava Festive 500k with no problems at all.

    Thanks to all.