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Can somebody educate me on tubeless setups

Turbo124Turbo124 Posts: 34
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I'm in the process of buying a bike and want to run a tubeless set up but it comes with Mach1 Neodisc rims which are not tubeless compatible and hence requires a conversion kit. I'm new to this (and have searched the forums for an answer but to no avail) so bare with me but:

1. Does this make any difference? i.e. is a 'converted' system in any way inferior to a tubeless ready system?
2. Once converted, do you need to use an additional conversion kit each time you fit a new set of tires?

thanks and sorry if they're stupid questions


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    There are three main types:

    - UST: UST rims are tyres are ready to go, do not need sealant (though it can help), just the valve stem.

    - Tubeless ready: these usually consist of a rim that requires its proprietry rim strip, and tyre, which has special beading (often UST standard beading) to lock into the rim to seal it. The tyre will require sealant.

    - Normal conversion: this can be done in numerous ways, with some kits available, or a 'ghetto' system. You use normal tyres and rims, but be aware not all combos work. ... tedKingdom

    If you fit a new set of tyres it will require the sealant.

    There are also hybrids of the above ie UST tyres fit on normal rims and so on.
  • thanks supersonic
  • Tubeless wheels have two features, an airtight lining and a hook on the inside of the rim to mate up with the bead on the tubeless ready tires.

    If you have non-tubeless rims, like you indicate, then you can still make them airtight by using a tubeless rim tape, Stan's is very good and is pretty easy to fit. What you can't do though is to mimic the hooked rim. In some cases you may also need to slightly increase the diameter of valve hole to allow for the tubeless valves to bed in, this can be done with a drill.

    As for tyres, tubeless ready ones will still hook onto a non-tubless rim and will seal so long as you use plenty of sealant. I've run both setups myself (tubless ready and conversion) and to be honest I haven't had any issues with the conversion. All tubeless tyres will eventually leak air, but pumping them back up should usually fix it.

    Fitting a new tyre just requires you to clean out the old sealant from the wheel, which probably will have dried on, fit the tyre and use some new sealant. You shouldn't need to buy anything new so long as you have enough sealant. I use a large bottle of Stan's which should last a while.
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