Rear Wheel Noise - Possibly Bearings ?

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I got my new road bike (BeOne Diablo Race 2012) in August, and have done a shade under 2000 miles now in pretty much any condition (although I do have Crud Racer mk2's fitted so it should be protected from the worst of it.

Recently I've noticed a slight metallic sound (almost like a "ping") every now and again when spinning the back wheel (upside down) whilst cleaning. A couple of days ago I was commuting to work and had to move from secondary position to hugging the gutter as a car was about to do a dodgy overtake on a blind hill ... went through a puddle and BANG! Massive pothole hidden which wasn't there on the previous day's commute (now reported). I thought for sure that I'd blown at least one tyre, and the force was that great I gave the frame and rims a quick check. Nothing.

On the cycle home last night I noticed that there was more noise coming from the back wheel, more of a grating noise, and when I got home I could feel a little side-to-side play in the wheel. With the wheel off the bike the rotation feels smooth but it can be wiggled a little - which I'm guessing isn't normal.

So, my question is ... is hitting the pothole so hard likely to have caused this e.g. fracturing a bearing or the cone ... bent something internal to the hub ?? Or could this just be a coincidence and it's just time to open the hub and clean/repack the bearings ?

Rims: Exal XR3
Hub: Shimano 5700

Anyone got any recommendations for replacement 10-speed compatible wheels, should this prove terminal. E.g. I've seen Shimano R501, Shimano RS10 and Mavic Aksiums so far ... I just cycle for fun, so not looking for anything too expensve atm. - £200 max.

Ta muchly, and Merry Christmas!



  • Sounds like your hub need a service... chances are the cones need to be readjusted. You have cone/ball (angular type) bearings, so they will take a lot of abuse, but periodically they might need to be stripped, regreased and the cones adjusted. If unsure, ask the LBS to do it for you
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  • Hmm, sounds strange, wouldn't think hitting a pothole would lead to any kind of adjustment being needed. Think you should check hub flange carefully for cracks, probably worth giving the frame more than a quick look too. If you do buy a new wheel I've used the cheapest ( maybe wh500 ) Shimano wheels and recommend them, you certainly don't need to spend 200 quid.
  • Frame is definitely fine, gave it a good clean and thorough check last night. Not got around to cleaning / checking the hubs or bearings yet - but i have got some bearings on order just in case thats all it is. if not i noticed a set of shimano r501s for about £80 online (new) which might be worth it anyway and would then have one set specifically for winter use.
  • The only way to be sure is to strip the could even have snapped an axle, not the QR but the axle itself, it does happen.
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    I've only encountered a snapped axle once. That was a solid axle on the rear of a heavy old MTB; made the back wheel flop all over the place. I suppose with a QR skewer in place in a hollow axle it might be less obvious.