Which bike with £2500 budget



  • Jesus Christ. Were you inebriated when you posted this? Franken-post of the year surely?! Maxin' out on bold and italics but i can't decide whether my favourite bit is "Nice cables" or the mysterious use of a semi-colon. Keep it up.

    I may have had a few drinks :roll:

    But heh.. You gotta have Nice cables!
  • i suppose i kinda get what yiman is saying a bit. not re the BS about where its made, as pretty much most mainstream big brands are made in the far east bar maybe their top end models as far as i am aware. but rather i think the point he may have been trying to put across but failed to is: basically go for something a bit different. all bikes at this price are going to be pretty much bang on perfromance wise and all pretty similar spec wise.

    now it all depends on what sort of person you are, maybe you want to squeeze every last penny out of your 2.5k and get a trek, giant, spech, etc that you see a lot of on the road as they are so good and such big companies, or maybe you want something a bit more individual and slightly 'rarer' that you dont see many of, that may have a slightly worse spec (although at 2.5k unless u are a pro i dont think the difference in spec will be massive or have a massive impact on your riding) to make you stand out from the crowd and have soemthing that nmot everyone else does.

    its all down to persoanl opinions. (all that said i see loads of bianchis these days too, and they look very nice)

    as long as it fits, and you like what it looks like, and it makes you want to go out and ride it, get whatever does it for you.
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    not sure where abouts you're based, but my LBS has a Cube Agree GTC Race in stock in a 60cm frame at £1200 (2012 model). Its a lovely bike and I'm deliberating on whether to go with it or the Lightening aswell! PM me if you want their details though