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gerroffandmilkitgerroffandmilkit Posts: 160
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Looking to sort out a bit of kit over the festive period.

Initially looking at cycling jerseys.

What would be sensible to wear underneath one?

Are long sleeved a good option? (could always slide the sleeves up in warmer weather.)

Fit wise, do they need to be a snug fit? (Hence the question re possibility of base layer underneath)

What should I be looking for in a jersey?

Any help appreciated.


  • Im no expert, just a beginner so I was not sure what combo to go for in current weather in the uk. I have been wearing a cheap base layer from sports direct £7 and a long sleeve castelli jersey and it has kept me warm in weather at 4-5*c two weeks a go. I guess it depends how hot you run? I get really hot easily so this works for me at the moment.
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  • 1 x short sleeve cycling jersey for warm weather
    1 x arm warmers for early starts, evening rides and when the long sleeve jersey is in the wash
    1 x long sleeve jersey for colder days
    1 x merino base layer from planet x for adding that extra layer

    You can also buy a long sleeve merino base layer from planet x if you're feeling flush
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    I always wear a base layer underneath a top.

    You cant really roll up long sleeves.

    Probably better off getting short sleeve and armwarmers - more versatile.

    I'll be in a jacket for a few months though - so I'd not be that keen on buying new jerseys at the moment.
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